Digital art direction and design for Hyundai email marketing campaigns. This included visualisation of concepts, high-fidelity scamps in Adobe XD and Sketch and responsive template design.
Design and art direction for Hyundai Christmas campaign. This project included both print and digital responsive design executions. 
To encourage sales we created a series of email campaigns aimed towards both existing and non-existing customers. Having been heavily involved in the digital brand identity development for Hyundai, my role was to ensure designs were consistent, playful and on-brand but also created a sense of urgency to improve sales and click-through.
Strategy and design for various digital engagement pieces. 
Social content posts were also created to help drive brand awareness and showcase specific car models. This project  involved responsive visualisation, photography selection, retouching and crafted tone of voice, with careful consideration to headlines, call to actions and descriptions for maximum engagement.
Designed at Affinity, Sydney.
Collaborators: Orchard, Sydney.

Other work

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